Welcome!  This is the first post of our blog on insurance issues.  This blog is dedicated to providing comments and insights on issues of importance to anyone interested in commercial insurance coverage.  Our firm represents policyholders and claimants in insurance coverage disputes with insurers, and we will look at the issues from that perspective.  We won’t claim to be neutral in that respect, but we hope that everyone — policyholders, risk management professionals, and insurer-side counsel alike—will find our take on these issues to be interesting and informative.

I’m John Green and I have been representing policyholders in insurance disputes for over 20 years.  I am joined in writing this blog by Erica Villanueva and Tyler Gerking, who practice with me in our firm’s Insurance Practice Group.

There has been a steady stream of insurance cases decided lately both in California and across the country.  Some of these cases are surprising decisions and troubling from the policyholder perspective.  In upcoming posts, we will talk briefly about some of these cases, and some practical ideas about how to deal with them.  We don’t intend this blog to be a stuffy “Reported Decisions” compilation– we want to alert you in a brief and accessible way to new cases, to practical problems we all encounter, and to industry developments and provide practical guidance on the issues you are grappling with on a daily basis, just as we are.