On November 12, 2014, I will be participating in a webinar “Data Breach and Liability Insurance: Managing the Potential Risk and Addressing Claims” through the Commercial Law Web Advisor. I’ll be joined by two insurer-side attorneys at Sedgwick LLP, Alex Potente and Eryk Gettell. We’ll be discussing coverage under commercial general liability policies for third-party liability claims arising out of data security breaches and the recent Sony decision in the New York trial court (now on appeal), recent case law addressing the meaning of “publication” in “personal and advertising injury” offense coverage for “oral or written publication of material that violates a person’s right of privacy”, and the insurance industry’s push this year to endorse general liability policies to limit coverage for data security breaches.  

We gave a similar presentation in July and all thought it would be of interest to our clients and contacts. I really enjoyed this format, which allowed us to present the material in a point-counterpoint debate that I thought helped flesh out the interesting coverage and practical issues raised by these claims with a fair amount of depth.  

For more details and to register for the webinar, please go to the Commercial Law Web Advisor website.