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John is a commercial litigator with three decades of experience in recovering money from insurance companies under insurance policies such as commercial general liability, directors' and officers' liability, professional E&O, technology E&O, cyber liability, commercial property and builders-risk policies. He has litigated, arbitrated or mediated high stakes coverage matters and has helped clients obtain over $1 billion in insurance recoveries. John is a fellow in the American College of Coverage Counsel.

In a prior post, I discussed the widespread confusion over the meaning and use of certificates of insurance, and the importance of obtaining an additional insured endorsement.  Another problem faced by additional insureds is the scope of coverage under such endorsements.  Up until the early 1990s, additional insured endorsements were generally available which expressly

Every time I give a presentation that includes Additional Insured coverage,  people get excited.  Not because of what I have to say, but because they are upset about certificates of insurance.  As one audience member recently asked “Are they worth the paper they are written on?”  This is an understandable question,  because certificates are widely

I spoke recently on a Webinar sponsored by Strafford Publications, entitled "Attorney-Client Privilege in Jeopardy in Insurance Litigation."  One issue addressed was whether communications between the policyholder counsel and the carrier are privileged when the insured has independent Cumis counsel. In the Cumis setting, the insured hires its own independent defense counsel, which represents

One issue currently before the California Supreme Court is the issue of allocation between covered and uncovered damages where pollution at a site is partly caused by gradual pollution and partly caused by a "sudden and accidental" event. The first case to address this, Golden Eagle Refinery Co. v Associated International Ins. 85 Cal.

Welcome!  This is the first post of our blog on insurance issues.  This blog is dedicated to providing comments and insights on issues of importance to anyone interested in commercial insurance coverage.  Our firm represents policyholders and claimants in insurance coverage disputes with insurers, and we will look at the issues from that perspective.  We