Before worrying about an insurance claim, first ensure that you and your family, including pets and extended family, have their immediate needs met, particularly medical needs. When you are ready to begin the recovery process, we have outlined a few steps for you to take in working with your insurers to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits under any applicable policies. Continue Reading Steps and Resources to Recover Homeowner Insurance Benefits After a Fire: A Tip-Sheet for Homeowner / Small Business Insurance Claims

When faced with a new complaint, an insured must sometimes confront the issue of whether the “interrelated wrongful acts” exclusion applies because of a claim already noticed during a prior policy year.  The Supreme Court of Delaware issued a decision providing some assistance to insureds facing such a problem by affirming that each cause of action in a complaint may constitute a separate “claim” under claims-made insurance policies. Continue Reading Supreme Court of Delaware issued a decision in AT&T Corp. v. Faraday Capital Ltd.